Saturday, October 1, 2011

Easy Street Style Shearling

Taylor Tomasi Hill is a street style mainstay for her perfect pairing of tailored separates — in this case the pants and heels — with edgier pieces.

Anouck Lepere is very cool in a shearling leather jacket, stripes and denim.

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How to Find the Best Shearling Coats - 3 Tips

Tip #1 - Buy From A Reputable Seller

What's in a name? One of the first things to consider is the brand of the garment. Has the coat been made from a known brand? This may not seem like a key factor, but an international brand like Aspen Fashions has a built foundation of quality, save you a lot of potential guesswork.

Tip #2 - The Lighter the Better, When It Comes to Weight

How much does it weigh? Find out! Shearling coats, like anything, can come in a wide range of quality. Typically, the lighter the shearling, the better. A lightweight coat cannot only be more comfortable to wear from day-to-day, but can also quickly demonstrate a improved manufacturing process.

Tip #3 - Tailored to a Perfect Fit

It may look great, but does it fit? If you find a great looking coat that doesn't fit you, it won't look great no matter the quality. It is important that you look at the size charts for your shearling coats, which should be readily available to ensure that the fitment of the garment is to your body type. European sizing charts are most common for shearling coats, so keep this in mind when finding your best fit.

Mens Shearling Coat

Plus Size Shearling Coat

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Why Sheepskin Shearling Coats are the Anti-Fur Fur Coats

A sheepskin or shearling coat is a coat made of sheepskin or a lambskin pelt which has undergone a "shearing" process for a uniform look and feel of the wool fibers. Shearling is not only wool, but rather the entire pelt (skin with wool) which is remarkable soft to the touch. This soft, natural fleece material is lightweight and extremely comfortable with its insulated lining. The fleece or lamb's fur is normally worn on the inside with the leather skin side worn on the exterior. Shearling coats are often boasted as incredible soft and supple in addition to being incredibly warm.

Since the fur is worn on the inside you still get all the wonderful comfort and advantages of insulation that a fur coat provides but none of the looks or stares from people that have issues with wearing fur. Although those people are normally the biggest hypocrites going for a burger while wearing leather shoes. Unfortunately some people just need to feel like they take a stand for something since they themselves stand for nothing.

Another thing about wearing the fur of sheep is that all of the sheep is used as in for food etc. You know that the sheep didn't sacrifice it's life just so you could have a fur coat. Sheep is a very valuable source of protein and eaten by a majority of cultures on this planet.

So if you've been wanting a fur coat but don't want any guilt involved then go for a shealing coat. It's a fur coat for the fearful. If you're fearless on the otherhand, I suggest wearing a fox fur coat. Personally, I prefer mink.